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What's Going On With The Ammo Shortage??

What gives with the current shortage of ammunition?

The world wide supply chain halted to a near stop during the first quarter of 2020 due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Heading into summer of that year - civil unrest ensued - riots, violence and the notion of defunding law enforcement. The panic of rising crime rates gripped many Americans - guns and ammo flew off the shelves and a record number of people became first time gun owners. Fueling the fire was the contentious 2020 election, were gun control was a very hot topic.

The events of 2020 brought on gun and ammunition demand that no one could predict. Several gun and ammunition manufacturers report that they are producing more product than ever, running at max capacity. There is not a governmental plot to keep them out of our hands - there is just unprecedented demand. There are also swirling conspiracies that manufacturers are producing ammo and storing up their stock for private use.

Part of the blame is owed to the stockpilers and hoarders. The “if you see it, buy it” mentality has also contributed to a portion of the ammo shortage. This has also developed into a secondary market of those looking to profit off their hoards.

Is there an end in sight? Rest assured that ammo manufacturers are producing more stock than ever before. Continued political unrest could definitely affect every gun owner’s urge to buy and hoard more than ever. Limits are put on ammo to make sure there is enough to go around and inhibit the purchase of mass quantities that ultimately sit unused.

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