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They say the best camera around is the camera you have. This day and age we all have a perfectly good camera in our pocket or bag. In some cases the cameras can fall short when trying to capture the moment from far away. Say you are at a sporting event, in the great outdoors or watching your son or daughter perform on stage. Using the standard zoom on the camera works but not as well as you would expect. Using a phone scope is a better solution to capture more with your smart phone. 


I have found the solution. Using an optic such as a binocular, telescope or spotting scope; you are able to magnify your experience using the Phone Skope. This device aligns your smartphone camera perfectly. Your phone fits into a specifically designed case/bracket that has a adapter plate that acts as a receiver on the backside of the Phone Skope case. This adapter plate accepts an optic adapter that fits on to your optic eyepiece perfectly. This combination allows you to get closer to the moment without interfering with what is happening around you.

Phone scope or phone scoping is a relatively new idea but with the constant improvement of smartphone cameras and precisely designed Phone Skope attachments, it is catching on like wildfire. Phone Skope is a company based in Southern, Utah that has been building precise phone scope equipment for over 6 years. The products range from Universal attachments, specific fitting adapters for your phone and optics and a wide variety of accessories.

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