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NightForce Scopes are among the finest riflescopes produced in the world today! NightForce rifle scopes are built to the most exacting specifications, utilizing the latest manufacturing technology and standing up to the most rigorous testing in the rifle optics industry. Extreme commitment to the highest standards of quality, and refusing to take shortcuts are what give NightForce rifle scopes the highly desirable, but rarely achieved combination of being extremely precise AND incredibly durable.

So what makes NightForce Scopes different? In order for scopes to survive the rigorous testing that NightForce puts them through, industry standard manufacturing practices simply won't cut it. NightForce tests their scopes in saltwater, sand, dust, mud and extreme temperatures. NightForce rifle scopes are submerged in a pressure tank equal to being put 100 feet below water for 24 hours, demonstrating complete waterproof properties. Temperature stability is demonstrated by freezing NightForce scopes to -80 degrees, then heating them back up to 250 degrees within an hour! The scope function is tested at both high and low temperatures. NightForce scopes are subjected to 1250 G (both positive and negative forces) for recoil testing. 


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