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Everything you need to know about Digiscoping

Digiscoping is the term used to describe the use of both a camera (typically a smart phone, tablet, etc.,) AND a scope to obtain extremely distant photos and video. Digiscoping is popular as a means to get close up photography of wildlife and nature scenes that would otherwise be impossible to gain access to.

Digiscoping is an excellent hobby for any wildlife enthusiast, outdoorsman, bird watcher, and meant for all ages! Digiscoping allows the viewer to see beyond the naked eye with the use of a scope or binoculars – and then snap pictures or video that captures nature in is rawest and purest from. Being able to magnify your experience while trying to see something at a distance is easier than you think. You can even use digiscoping to capture the wonder of astronomy in the night time sky!

The beauty of digiscoping – you already have a good start with your phone!

So, you have a smart phone…. What kind of scope should you use to get quality digital photos using both devices? Kent’s Optics has a variety of scopes and binoculars that will help you be a successful digiscoper.


Most people think that digiscoping can only be done with a spotting scope, but it’s equally with a set of binoculars. Kent’s offers Vortex, Swarovksi, and Zeiss brand binoculars -the best on the market. From prices between $250.00 to $3,000+ - Kent’s Optics offers the perfect device for your budget as well as the advice and expertise to get your started.


Offering all the same amazing brands mentioned above as well as Nightforce and Athlon – Kent’s Optics has every style of scope you can image. Spotting scopes are a vital tool for bird watchers, plane spotters and stargazers alike. If you're interested in using one of the best spotting scopes for digiscoping, then make sure the scope you choose is compatible – and don't forget to pick up an adapter for your camera as well.


From Tripods to adaptors – make the best out of your digiscoping experience and purchase the best accessories! Tripods and adaptors make all the difference. The stability of a tripod in addition to the hands-free option of an adaptor will help you capture the best images possible. Exclusively at Kent’s Optics are our Phone Skope products! These exclusive cases and adaptors are the best on the market when it comes to accessories needed for Digiscoping. These cases and adaptors make is super simple to connect your phone to your viewing device and the combination allows you to get closer to the moment without interfering with what is happening around you. Check them out here:

Kent’s Optics the whole package when it comes to digiscoping – stop by and let the experts outfit you with the best gear!


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